CHICKEN leg boneless /thigh boneless

CHICKEN LEG BONELESS Sharp to taste and buttery soft to feel, this cut is definitely a leg apart.Tender and succulent dark meat with cuts from the chicken thigh and drumstick. Boneless and skinless, this cut has been crafted to deliver the smoothest texture and the meatiest bites. Ensuring you of a satisfying, wholesome meal full of flavour and health. NO NEED TO WASH BEFORE COOK FRESH, HYGIENIC AND UNFROZEN
                                  RECIPE OF YOUR PRODUCT
A traditional Mexican snack that is a great alternative to the usual taco or tortillas. Cooked, shredded chicken is fried with onions and seasonings and filled in fried maize dough canoes. Topped with red sauce, salsa and cheddar cheese.
 Cooking time 0:40 Serves:8
  • Masa                                 1 Cup
  • Chicken                           250 Grams (Shredded)
  • Onion                          -- chopped     1 Nos.
  • Cheddar Cheese            1 Cup (Grated)
  • Red Sauce
  • Oil                                -- for frying
  • Salt and pepper          -- to taste
                                                 METHOD     1. To prepare masa, add 1 tsp of salt and 280 ml of warm water to 350gms of maize flour and make a soft dough. 2. Make balls of 20 grams each out of this masa. 3. Form each one into a long roll about 3 - 4 inches, flatten by hand (it should be thicker than the regular tortilla). 4. Pinch the edge of the dough to make a ridge of about 3/4" high. This gives the chalupa the canoe like shape. 5. Cook both sides on a griddle with little fat. 6. In an hot fry pan heat oil, add onion and saute. When onion is tender add shredded chicken and add seasoning. Place this chicken mixture on the chalupa, put sauce and top with cheese.      


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